All items that are bought from /buy will be kept the season after as long as we keep using buycraft and as long as you have the Tebex/Buycraft email in case we no longer use it. If you have issues with a purchase you made the season before you can feel free to make a ticket on our discord.

We have a strict refund policy. Purchases are non-refundable at this moment. If you have any questions you can ask the staffs or you can visit our Terms of Service at

Usually, purchases take up to 15 minutes to arrive, but there are some exceptions! If you do not recieve your item within 15 minutes:
• Your payment has been flagged by paypal and the review process can take up to 24 hours,
• You payed using an Electronic Check, which take 7 days to review,
• Or, your payment simply did not go through.
The Owner can give you a clear answer on discord or by email (

You can apply for staff on the forums (by clicking forums in the navigation bar) then by clicking "Applications for staff" in the "Apply" category. You must create an account and use the format given in the pinned thread. Good luck!

To link your Minecraft account to your Discord account you would need to do the "/link" command in game and use the code given on discord by doing "_link (code)" on discord, in the "⎾👋⏌guests-help" channel.

If you have another question or want your question featured on this website, join our discord and feel free to ask/suggest your question there! We will be glad to help you.